Some questions/answers

What would be the best robotic lawn mower ?

The one which is adapted to each specificity of your garden ! Which is why we offer one of the widest carefully preselected choice of robot mower to all our customers.

Is the robot noisy or expensive in electricity ?

Most of robot mowers are really quiet (only 58dB which is similar to a silent dishwasher) and use electricity only around 15 Chfr per month.

Where should the station be located ?

Near an electric access (less than 10 meters), directly on the ground of your garden. We might preselect the most convenient location for the station during the free visit.

What happened at the end of the season ?

We offer special services for the winter season which includes picking-up the robot, complete cleaning, battery charge, cutting system whet or change, software update, test, bearing and general system check.